Dear Client: Why We Don’t Present Brand Concepts Over Email

Big Ideas Should Be Presented in Person

We’ve built our branding process around face-to-face presentations of brand concepts, logos and the big ideas. While email is quick and efficient, its advantages quickly fall apart when presenting complex and abstract ideas. This article explains the downfalls of using email to present concepts and why we insist on doing this face to face.

In our hectic work lives, email has become a tool of convenience. There’s many positives to using email to communicate: speed, time management, simplicity on the go. But in our experience, we’ve found that email isn’t a good tool for presenting abstract or complex ideas. There are many reasons for this, some of which we’ll share below.

Why Email is a Bad Way to Present Big Ideas

It’s Inefficient

Explaining a big idea in writing, particularly one with many moving parts and considerations, is not easy. It will take much more time to try to communicate an idea like this over email than it will in person. Ultimately, it defeats the purpose of using email: convenience & speed. We believe email should be left to what it’s good at: quick, short messages and updates.

Ideas are Lost in Translation

Even if you manage to explain a big idea over email, you might have wasted your time. Written communication leaves much to interpretation, and sometimes getting the tone, feeling and passion for an idea will communicate more about it than words ever will.

Why We Don’t Present Brand Concepts Over Email

Aside from the downfalls of email as a way to communicate big ideas, there are other reasons why we’ve designed our process the way it is.

You Deserve to Fully Understand the Idea Before Forming Your Opinion About It

As creative professionals, our job is to present you with ideas you may not have thought of. Unique ideas that break the mold, make a statement, and meet your strategic goals. You’ll never hear a client say “I need a designer who doesn’t care about strategy and will do very predictable and boring work for me.”

The funny thing is, left to their own devices, a client can be their own worst enemy. They hire a professional to develop fresh ideas for them, but are then quick to discard anything creative or fresh about it. This usually stems from a fear of change or not having a complete understanding of the concept.

I’ve witnessed it many times. We send a logo proof to a client by email. Within 30 minutes, we get a reply saying they don’t like it and want to see something different. After convincing them to meet face to face, and explaining the big ideas behind it, they were able to see the concept in a whole new light. Eventually, they grew to love it and it’s brought them much pride and success over the years.

By helping you fully understand what you’re evaluating, you’ll have a much more objective basis to judge by. It will also help you defend potential naysayers in your organization, who, in most cases are rarely qualified to make an objective evaluation anyway.

It Gives You The Value You’re Paying For

The reason you hire a branding agency to develop your logo and not do it yourself is to get the professional guidance, advise, and expertise behind the decisions made in the design. After all, if you felt fully qualified to design your own logo – why would you bother hiring somebody?

Sending you a concept by email does you a terrible disservice – it detaches the advice and expertise from the process, and ultimately puts the responsibility on your plate to decipher and evaluate the big ideas yourself. Not only are you robbing yourself of the value you’re paying for, you’re setting yourself up to potentially make some bad decisions about your brand (see the previous point.)

Your Brand Deserves the Care & Attention

Your organization’s brand is the cornerstore of all of your marketing. It will be on everything you show or hand to a customer, and may last you many years. It goes without saying that it’s a big decision, a very important one, and should not be taken lightly. Quite simply, your brand deserves more than a quick impersonal email to discuss. If you feel that way, you’re not taking it seriously enough.

Small Updates: Email is Fine

Of course, our goal isn’t to make life difficult for you! Common sense applies. If we’ve agreed to make some minor tweaks to a concept that’s been presented, at that point, it’s fine to send digitally. Something like this doesn’t usually need explanation, and it would be a waste of time to drive all the way down here to show it to you. So don’t worry, you won’t be coming in every second day.

Good Clients Don’t Let Good Brands Die

Don’t let a potentially great brand be a victim of misunderstanding… when working with a professional on your branding project, have patience and go through the process. Yes, it takes longer, and requires for effort. But it is there for a reason: to get you the best possible outcome and value for your money.