Discover What You Love by Wandering Memory Lane

Discover What You Love by Wandering Memory Lane

Tired of the daily grind? Bored at work? Hated your last job? Stop ignoring what your work life has to teach you, and you can find a whole method of fulfillment.

Keeping track all you’ve accomplished, no matter how small, can really give you a boost and keep you focused for future career opportunities.

Way back, 15+ years ago, I was starting my career; I had started working 6 years before that. Here’s an example of three jobs really helped me develop skills and put me where I am today. While reading, why not consider your favourite jobs, what you learned there, and why you liked them?

1. Hotel Front Desk Clerk/Supervisor/Auditor

The centre of the whole hotel, the Front Desk is the place everyone goes to get what they need – both guests and staff. Information, money, reports – they all flow through that little area. I started as a Front Desk Clerk and was promoted to Supervisor and Auditor separately.

I learned:

  1. You can keep your cool in any situation, and when you do, you’ll feel better for it
  2. Put it back where you found it – the next person will thank you
  3. Adhere to all business systems while always looking for ways to improve them
  4. How to count money really fast
  5. The importance of a work family

2. Shipper/Receiver & Order Desk for an Industrial Clothing Manufacturing Company

This company was in Edmonton and manufactured fire retardent clothing. All clothing was built from fabric delivery to me putting it in a box. This is the place my entrepreneurial spirit really started showing. Manufacturing as a whole was always a mystery to me, so this job was extremely interesting. I started as Shipper/Receiver and also took on Order Desk over time.

I learned:

  1. How larger-than-life machinery makes things easier
  2. Where to look for systems improvements and implement them successfully
  3. Not to put the toilet seat down after I cleaned it (the girls complained about wet seats)
  4. How to efficiently take orders from customers and get them out the door.
  5. Quality control – making sure the product was as good as it could be before it went out.

3. Registration Assistant/Systems Assistant for GPRC Workforce Development

Our local college offers all sorts of non-credit training, including safety, computer, and business. Each area had their own coordinator. All students came through the registration desk at some point or another. I started as a Registration Assistant and moved through many positions. The Systems Assistant position is where I worked with the rest of the organization to implement new college-wide software. I also did design and marketing for the department.

I learned:

  1. How to improve on department communications in a large organization, both internally and externally
  2. That when an entrepreneurial spirit is nourished, there is no limit to the value added to the organization
  3. How to train other people and explain why things work the way they do
  4. To tackle new tasks with creativity and confidence
  5. That under the right leadership, you are free to improve, make mistakes, and learn all you can

What Does This Prove?

Based on this list above, it’s pretty obvious I like smooth-running business systems and presenting an awesome product. Taking an idea and planning it out from the biggest picture to the smallest detail is something I have been unconsiously grooming myself for over the last couple decades.

Obviously, I also love design, computers, gadgets, business… but these are top level things in my book. This deeper analysis allows me to really decide what to do with the things I know I enjoy. Like running nine10!

I think you find what you love by doing something that interests you and improving on it. Forge your own path as you wander through day-to-day life, and pay attention to all the lessons that are just waiting to be learned.

It’s easy to forget to look back and appreciate all the things you’ve learned. Paying attention helps you find the right direction to fulfillment – and hopefully more money. If you find you’re not on the right path, how can you get to a point where you are? Craft your own list of things you learned on the job to help you determine your pattern do doing the things you love. What you write down will end up being the most important things to you – these points will float to the surface. Give it a try, you might just be surprised!