Employees Can Rock Your Brand!

Happy Employees Build Great Brands

Our team at nine10 gets the opportunity to work with business of all types and sizes to develop strategies that will help them promote their brand. When we talk “branding” with our clients, it’s not unusual for people to think of their brand as an image and some colours wrapped up nicely in a brochure or on a website.

While those products are certainly key in helping shape a brand, we can’t design brands. Don’t get me wrong, a really great logo is very important in helping the public and your customers connect with your company. The very colours and design of your logo can evoke a whole lot of feelings in people.

But brands—put simply—are essentially how people feel and what people think about a company.

Every day, when customers/clients walk in the door of your business, they look right into the whites of the eyes of your brand. Your internal brand. Your employees.

Now if you haven’t thought about your employees as your brand, shaping the way people feel about your business, watch the following video.

It’s fair to say this employee shattered this brand. No doubt she left Mr. Bean with a memorable experience and evoked a lot of feelings he’ll not soon forget…

Not likely he’ll be a repeat customer.

More likely he’ll Tweet his experience to the world, resulting in a very public flogging for this china shop.

Employees who are passionate about your company, who really believe and understand that taking care of customers is a priority, can have a tremendous impact on people’s perception of your business and your brand.

As business owner or manager, your ability to connect with your employees with your brand is critical. They can be your best advocates and company evangelists, but they need to buy into what your company stands for.  Company culture is critical.

We’re always looking for ways to differentiate our company and make our brand stand out. When you build your brand from the inside out, you’ll have more satisfied employees, and they’ll leave your customers with a great impression.

And that can be a very convincing reason for those customers to come back.