How Search Works – A New Website from Google

How Search Works by Google

Google has recently published a new website titled ‘How Search Works.’ Their animated website reveals the many mysteries that bring the Internet to your doorstep. It’s amazing how much complexity goes into something we take for granted—for example, Google’s search index spans over 100 million gigabytes of information.

It also explains why it’s not easy to answer the question “Why isn’t my website at the top of search?” You may have all the right words on your site, but there’s a lot more going on than you realize. Google uses over 200 factors (many of them top secret) to rank pages in the results. Some of these factors include:

  • Site & Page Quality – How relevant is the page? Is it full of quality content, or skimpy on the meat & potatoes?
  • Freshness – How recently has it been updated? Is there a blog that has recent posts? New pages?
  • SafeSearch – Does it contain adult content, or other inappropriate material (language, etc.)?
  • User Context – Is the site for a company near you? Does the page contain content that you or your friends have liked, shared or discussed on social media?

User Context, in particular, is the hot topic of search engine marketing. As search engines get wiser, they use more and more factors outside of your website to determine where you rank and who you rank for. This is why social media & content marketing is becoming so critical to achieve anything good in the search results.

To get a deeper look, check out Google’s new website, and also be sure to read our previous article, “Why Search Engine Optimization is Like Courting a Lover.”