How to Be Heard Over the Holiday Buzz

Mrs. Claus Yelling at Santa through Megaphone

With thousands of promotional messages cluttering the marketplace, getting the consumer’s attention during this busy holiday season might seem daunting.

But findings of two studies looking at the likes and dislikes of shoppers really drive home the importance of advertising and promotions, whether you are trying to drive shoppers into your store or onto your website.

It seems most Canadians will go to great lengths to find the perfect gift this holiday season.

According to an Ipsos Reid poll conducted on behalf of PayPal Canada, it takes the average Canadian 11 hours and five trips to the mall/stores to complete their holiday shopping.

The study also highlighted some of their biggest holiday shopping peeves: crowds and line-ups at the till (49 per cent), not being able to find a unique gift (14 per cent), discovering the item they want is not carried or is sold out (10 per cent), overspending (10 per cent), and looking for parking (seven per cent).

Fifty-four per cent also said they will be doing some of their shopping online. That number rises to 74 per cent among Canadians 18–34 years of age. Source: Ipsos Reid

So, is shopping in stores a tradition of the past? Not a chance, according to a U.S. study by research firm Millward Brown. This survey examined why people continue to shop in stores despite the convenience of online.

It found people like to see and touch items; they like to get ideas while browsing; and many believe the act of personally going to a store to buy something adds value to the gift.

For retailers, the findings have implications, the firm says. Bring shoppers into your store and keep them there; invest in seasonal promotions, activities, and entertainment; know your customers and how they celebrate; keep merchandise accessible and attractively displayed, but make sure shoppers can move around comfortably. Source: Home Improvement Retailing

Smart businesses turn this kind of consumer information into the main ingredient for their holiday promotional campaigns. They successfully attract and keep shoppers in their stores or on their websites by really knowing their target customers, and understanding customer preferences and peeves.

Their ads communicate value, and answer the question: “What’s in it for me?

It’s knowing what makes shoppers tick… and what ticks them off, combined with a creative and clear message, that will get you noticed above all the tinsel and lights.

Check in with us next week to view some memorable—and very clever—holiday ads.