My Top 5 Practical Jokes for the Office

My Top 5 Practical Jokes for the Office

It’s Friday! And what better way to send off the work week than with a few practical jokes. These ideas can also give you the weekend to come up with great revenge tactics if you’re on the receiving end of a practical joke. Here is a list of my five favorites.

The Keyboard Button Switch – Windows 2000 and XP users

This is by far one of my favorites. You simply download this program, and it lets you choose any keyboard key and change what it does. I’m a big fan of changing the shift button, or switching a well-used key, ┬álike S or T, to a happy face or a heart. It can be changed back easily enough, but I like to watch my victims sweat for a bit.

The “Leaky Bum” Syndrome

I know this sounds like a horrible medical condition, but don’t worry – it’s only temporary I swear. All you have to do is pour 1/4 of a cup of water into the centre of the cushion on a co-workers chair. Be careful not to use to much or they will notice as soon as they sit down. The key is to pour just enough that they sit for awhile without noticing. Then wait for them to get up from their chair!

HINT: If they have a plastic or faux leather chair just poke a pin size hole in it for the water to get in and out.

The Auto-Incorrect

Yet another office classic. Get into your victim’s computer settings and change a really common word (example: their name) to auto-correct to another word, such as Captain Smellypants. I recommend having fun with changing a few really common words over so they notice it right away.

The Ultimate Label

Label everything on their desk, and I mean everything. From their pens their stapler to their chair. And when you walk by slip a label on them too. A classic prank that just doesn’t get old.

Did You Call Me?

If you have an office phone system that allows conference calling, you can prank two people at once. Call the first victim’s extension, then very quickly call the second victim and push the conference button. Now both people will think the other person called them. Let them battle it out, then repeat.

Alright everyone – let the pranking begin! We’d love to hear your office prank stories in the comments.