Nice to Meet You (Sincerely, The Intern)

nine10 Intern

I’m Kendra, the newest member of the nine10 team. This summer I’ll be interning alongside awesome marketing experts, and blogging about my experiences.

I’m a student at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, majoring in Professional Communications. “What does that even mean? Sounds like a cover up for something intense,” you say. Unfortunately, it’s not a secret Alberta combat training program. It means I am learning the skill set of strategic writing, editing, and publishing. I could edit magazines, write technical manuals (my nemesis) or create content for marketing agencies. At nine10 I’ll be writing content for blogs, websites, and occasionally trying my hand at different skills around the agency. In the coming months I’ll be sharing what I learn via the nine10 blog, so make sure you check it out!

A little about me…

My biggest passions include travel, photography, and writing. I spent half a year in Germany, which gave me an unhealthy travel bug that feasts on my savings. Exploring allows for plenty of opportunity to practice my photography, another hobby that keeps my wallet humble. Fortunately I have writing; a skill I hope to develop into a career. nine10 is putting in the time to help me evolve from college intern to professional copywriter – a relished opportunity. My writing is fueled by subjects I care about, which in this case, means you.
I grew up in Grande Prairie, meaning our small but capable community has always been near and dear to my heart. I intend to support Grande Prairie businesses by learning what makes them great and helping them display that quality.

With the mentorship of the team, my strengths in writing and organization will be put to hard exercise. You’ll see me posting weekly blogs, updating website content, or maybe even sitting in your meeting with nine10, if you’re lucky!

I’m looking forward to getting to know you. See you around.

P.S. Want to know a secret? That photo at the top there is completely photoshopped. I took my friend out of it. Sorry, Janelle.