nine10 Website Package Comparison

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You’ve decided it’s time for your Grande Prairie business to get a brand-spankin’-new website. Congratulations! But, as you’ve discovered, the decision-making process has just begun! Now that you understand a website is necessary for your online presence, it’s time to choose which type of website is right for your business.

At nine10, we have several options to choose from, and we’ll be giving you our professional assistance in selecting the best plan for your team. In this article, we’ll cover what “Navigator” and “Storyteller” websites mean, the strengths of each website package, and give you a few real examples of Websites we’ve created to demonstrate the differences.

The first thing you should know is we offer two categories of websites: single page websites and multi-page websites. Both categories have a “Navigator” and a “Storyteller” package, which we’ll get into in a bit.

Single Page Websites vs Multi-Page Websites

What are single page websites? Single page websites only have one page to navigate: all of the information lies in the home page. These websites might have a menu up top, but clicking on a menu option will send you to a different area of the same page. Single page websites can have the look and feel of full, multi-page websites, but their simple structure allows information to be expressed in small, easy to read snippets.

Why choose a single page website? As single page websites are the most basic form of a website, they’re great for constrained budgets, businesses with limited content, or tight timelines. Single page websites are like an online brochure: they highlight what’s important and don’t dive into the deep stuff. If you’re a start-up company that needs a basic start, a single page option may be the right option for you–you can always upgrade later.

What are multi-page websites? Multi-page websites are the most common: as the title suggests, information is dispersed throughout the website on multiple pages, such as a home page, about page, contact page, and so on. Multi-page websites allow potential customers to learn about the company and what makes it great in depth. You’ll certainly recognize them as your everyday websites where you navigate from page to page using the menu at the top of the site.

Why choose a multi-page website? If you want your website to be more than a quick snapshot of your business, a multi-page website is for you. The many pages available allow you to show off every corner of your business. Multi-page websites also have room for features that single page websites may not, like testimonial submission forms, event pages, blogs, resource sections, social media integrations, and more. And finally, good multi-page websites are full of thorough, high-quality content that tends to win over Google’s favour in search results. For most of our clients, a multi-page website is already what they have in mind.

Navigator vs. Storyteller Packages

Once you know whether a single page or multi-page website will suit your needs, you can decide on a traditional Navigator or modern Storyteller package.

Navigator websites use a traditional visual layout and rely on the customer’s ability to navigate the website through the menu. They can be single page or multi-page.

Storyteller websites use a modern visual layout, are more interactive, and have many ties and links that tell the story of the company without making the customer look for content. They can also be single page or multi-page. Storyteller websites are like a movie trailer: you get a good sense of the movie even though you haven’t seen it yet. A Storyteller website essentially turns the main home page into a short trailer about your company. If the customer doesn’t visit any other pages, they still have a clear sense of what your company is and does.


Single Page Navigator: RCT Delivery

Multi-Page Navigator: Grande Prairie Crime WatchIron Pine, Start Rite, Turcon Construction

Single Page Storyteller: Grande Prairie Vein & Cosmetic, Omnis Care

Multi-Page Storyteller: Arctic Crane, Aureus Energy, Ramona’s Pizza, nine10, Janina’s Diamonds & Time

Choosing the Right Website

So, which is right for you? Your first step is deciding on whether a single page website or a multi-page website fits your business. Once you’ve decided on that, you can focus on the design aesthetic and whether to go with the Navigator or the Storyteller.

The Difference in Performance

We put our best efforts into both Navigator and Storyteller websites: our service level doesn’t change based on what you choose. Both the Navigator and Storyteller websites align with 2018 best practices of website design, allowing your website to perform better in search results, draw in potential customers, and have the best security. As an example of best practices, both websites include responsive design (mobile-friendly design) and are securely hosted with our website projection plan.

That being said, Storyteller websites tend to perform better on Google, as they usually have a larger amount of elaborated content on the homepage. Google’s indexing algorithms (which determine website rankings on Google) prioritize the content of homepages over other pages of the website, and as Storytellers are dedicated to a full homepage experience, these types of websites perform better. Storyteller websites also provide potential customers a better visual experience, resulting in higher engagement and click-throughs.

In Sum

When it comes to your business, there’s always a solution that fits your specific needs. At nine10, our packages are to help guide your vision, and are completely customizable to no limit. For some, a package is all their business needs, but for others, a package is just a place to get started. Take, for example. Josh needed a high-end single page website, and we took it a little further. His single-page Storyteller website looks like a multi-page website and even has a blog. For Josh, it wasn’t about the package—it was about the vision.

So really, the question is, What will your website become? Let’s sit down and discuss your vision. Email Ryan at or fill out the form below for your complimentary website consultation.