Should Your Brand Be on Pinterest?

Should Your Brand Be on Pinterest?

In my opinion social media can be a little like technology. Just when you think you have it mastered, “they” change it all up again.

So you are on Facebook and have managed to conquer your new page profile and cover photo. Now, all you hear people talking about is Pinterest, and once again the debate starts all over again: should your brand be on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform that is essentially based on visual content. Users create theme-based image collections known as pinboards, most images link to their origin site, and through the magic of content-sharing, images have the potential to go viral.

However, Pinterest isn’t all just pretty pictures and recipes. The site is adapting a visual context for a large informational landscape, all of which can drive leads to your site and get your products or message out there.

In short, Pinterest is not to be underestimated.

So how do you know if you being on Pinterest will be valuable to your company?

All Boys Club – Although Pinterest is full of great man gadgets and hot cars, the primary users of the site are women, so you may want to evaluate who your target customer is and whether or not they would be a pinner. If you own Mike’s Machine Shop you may not want to invest precious “man” hours.

Pin It to Win It – Like anything on the Internet, not every image can become a superstar, but you can increase your chances with a good strategy. If you are a product-based company, then you should ask yourself: Are my products visually appealing?  If they aren’t, you may need to invest time and resources to improve the quality of your product photos or website.

If you are a services-based company, then you should be willing to repin photos that are not solely about your business such as inspirations, favorite things, or anything that suits your brand or personality.

I Like Cupcakes & Pictures of Skyscrapers – Not only does Pinterest give business owners an opportunity to fold their visual content into the mix, but it really gives them a chance to authenticate the personalities of themselves and their brand.

By pinning or repining photos that speak to who you are, it allows your customer to know you in an informal and fun setting.

While Pinterest may not be for every brand or business, it is a great site for content-sharing.If you are interested in learning how to use Pinterest, the best way to get started is by jumping in with both feet and seeing what the site has to offer… trust me you will never wonder what to make for supper again!