The 5 Things Your Website Needs to Capture More Leads

The 5 Things Your Website Needs to Capture More Leads

Typically, the point of a company’s website is to draw in business. However, it’s not enough to simply bring visitors to your site. While most exposure can be considered good exposure, the obvious end-goal should be to entice the visitors to do more than just look. You want to convert visitors into leads.

A great business website should spur visitors into action, whether that action be subscribing to a newsletter, or directly buying your product. ┬áThe process of designing your website to maximize its lead capturing potential isn’t always intuitive though. Fortunately, there are a few guidelines which can be followed to significantly increase the lead conversion rate of your website.

How to Get More Leads on Your Website

1. Offer Lead-Bait

Any fisherman is familiar with the concept of baiting the line to attract fish. In the same way, your website should bait leads. Offer rewards in the form of content in exchange for users making an account and signing up to your newsletter. While many visitors won’t jump at the opportunity to sign up for something, they will if they get something for it. If your site can offer valuable content, such as an e-book in trade for visitor’s email, many will consider it a more than fair trade.

2. Capture Leads Everywhere

Next, make sure that any user who does want to contact your company, can. They shouldn’t have to leave the page they’re on. By having lead capture forms on every page of a website, you can be fairly certain that anyone who is interested in becoming a lead, will. Lead conversion should never be difficult for your prospects.

3. Use Calls to Action

With that said, don’t simply expect visitors to your site to convert to leads just because you dangled a form in front of them. Give a call to action on every page, so that visitors have a reason to use the forms you provide. “Contact our company today so that we can help you with X/tell you about X/assist you with X.” Draw them in, and appeal to each visitor with your writing.

4. Focus on Benefits

Just as people enjoy talking about themselves, they also enjoy hearing about how something benefits them directly. After all, people don’t buy drills, they buy holes. So don’t just tell them that your product or company supports feature X, tell them the change you can make in their life ┬ábecause you have that feature. It’s rarely enough to just throw a list of technical specs and features at someone and expect them to take action. But if that list shows the customer how they will benefit, it’s much more likely to have an impact.

5. Give Them Reasons to Trust You

Finally, let them know why they should pick your company. People tend to sway towards companies and individuals they trust. To maximize your lead conversion, give them a reason to trust you. If you have awards, or certifications, or trust seals, or testimonials, or anything else that lends credibility to your business, put it where it can be seen. People like to know that they’ll be satisfied with a product or service, and letting them know that others already have been is a great way to do this.


So, in review, there’s five things your website should focus on for lead conversion:

  1. Lead bait
  2. Lead capture forms across every page
  3. Calls to action
  4. Benefit-centric writing
  5. Credibility indicators

Now that you know all this, take a look at your own website. Is there anything you can do to improve it?