What Happened to GoDaddy Could Happen to Anybody

What Happened to GoDaddy Could Happen to Anybody

The web is in a panic right now over the GoDaddy service outage which has affected millions of websites worldwide. Already, hackers are claiming credit for the outage, and opportunist competitors are promoting tweets urging customers to switch. Even Mashable is including step-by-step instructions on how to leave GoDaddy.

I would like to encourage everybody involved to not panic and get tied up in the media frenzy surrounding the issue. This isn’t a reason for a mass exodus of GoDaddy’s services. The fact is, this could happen to any large hosting provider. When you service over 45 million domains, chances are that at some point you’re going to have trouble with your services, and it’s going to affect a few people. It’s simply the nature of computers and technology—they break. Moving to another provider is not going to insulate you from the possibility that their services can break on you too, and you’ll have wasted a bunch of time and money making the change.

The important thing is that they are working to fix the issue—and communicating about it the best they can with customers. It’s really all you can ask for. After all, can you guarantee your server at work will never break down again? Can you guarantee that the most “foolproof” system in the world will never be fooled? No. It’s just not reasonable.

Granted, the situation is causing problems for their customers (and even us!), but at this point there’s really nothing we can do. Fortunately, GoDaddy is posting regular updates on their social media and keeping us in the loop about what’s happening.

You can follow the latest status updates on @GoDaddy’s Twitter page.