Online Professional Skills Development

We teach Alberta-based business owners and their in-house marketing teams how to develop and execute branded content marketing strategies for Facebook, Instagram, websites and Google.

We consistently hear the same problems from business owners and marketing managers. Their brand is in disarray, they are not properly established on the web, social media, and search engine platforms, it’s a struggle to manage in-house content creation, and—crucially—they lack knowledge and experience to tie together all the elements of a branded content marketing strategy with in-house resources.

If you feel you don’t:

  • have a clearly defined visual identity and you lack brand-consistency in the marketplace
  • know enough about Facebook and Instagram to be effective or efficient
  • know how to manage and leverage your own company website
  • understand how to maximize your exposure on search engines like Google
  • cohesively use your online channels (web, social media & search) for marketing
  • understand the difference between paid and earned (organic) marketing strategies
  • know how to reach the right audiences, or don’t know how to identify them
  • have the knowledge, skills, or confidence to execute your own content marketing, with in-house resources

Then our 12-week, online Digital Marketing Bootcamp could be the perfect professional skills development opportunity for you and your team.

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In today’s more limited world, especially in light of COVID-19 restrictions, more businesses are turning to in-house brand and marketing management. Training for consistency in branding along with skills development in digital marketing allows for organizations to effectively and efficiently manage a professional website, SEO, and social media presence.


Online Program Curriculum & Certification

At the completion of our program, participants will have been certified and completed hands-on learning in the following:

Branding & Canva

  • Understand what a brand is and why consistency is important
  • Understand the important difference between a logo, visual identity, and brand/audience insights
  • Create a custom brand kit in Canva Pro
  • Use Canva Pro to create brand-compliant graphics

Websites, SEO & SEM

  • Understand the general structure of a CMS (content management system) website
  • Identify when, why, and how to update their website
  • Understand and implement general SEO methodology, e.g. titles, images, keywords
  • How search engines like Google index and display websites
  • Understand the three mains sections of a search engine result page: ads, directory/map, organic (earned) listing

Facebook & Instagram

  • Develop basic social media strategies
  • Learn about profiles, pages, events, groups, and lives
  • Update their social media profile information, including profile and cover images
  • Arrange their social media profiles in an effective manner for their business
  • Create graphics for profile images, cover images, and posts
  • Create engaging, attractive posts for their timelines
  • Understand the basics of how the news feed algorithm works (newsfeed optimization)
  • Build, target, and boost a post effectively
  • Understand how to choose a Facebook campaign strategy, budget, and geographic locations
  • Create and save a custom audience based on age, gender, etc.
  • Create a Facebook and Instagram live videos
  • Newsfeed optimization best practices and tactics

Content Development & Creation

  • Create engaging posts on blogs, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Creating a simple content schedule for social media
  • Curating ideas and finding content to fit various themes
  • How to effectively share articles and to effectively curate content
  • Outlining rules for social media sharing
  • How to choose topics for blog posts and use simple strategies to write compelling posts
  • Basic knowledge of third-party apps including boomerang, layout, etc.
  • Audience development and testing

Creating a Simple Social Media Campaign

  • Be able to take an idea and promote it effectively
  • Create a simple digital campaign plan and budget
  • Understand and use timelines and runtime to create effective campaigns
  • Understand which channels would work best for campaign goals
  • Learn how to objectively measure your results (Insights/Analytics)

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Your Trainers

Ryan Blais

BCom, MBA Candidate

Ryan is a partner at nine10 and leads business development. Before joining nine10, Ryan founded GoSocial, the social media consultancy which merged with nine10. He is the primary training lead and strategist covering the topics of brand, web, social and search.

Marissa Trarback

Marissa is nine10’s Social Media Coordinator and is both Facebook and Google certified. She manages clients paid and targeted search and social ad campaigns as well as leads organic (earned) content marketing strategies for nine10 and our clients.

Cris Seppola

Cris is the founding partner of nine10 and leads client strategy and the digital marketing division of the company which includes audience insights, campaign messaging, lead generation strategies, budgeting, and more.

Content marketing is the broad focus of this Digital Marketing Bootcamp. The specific topics/platforms covered in the program include branding/Canva, web, social media & search.


How the Training Program Works

  • Click Apply Now to book your Zoom call with Ryan and fill out the application form.
  • Attend your Zoom call with Ryan to discuss your needs and discover how our training can specifically help you.
  • In consultation with nine10, determine if you’re a good fit for the program and if you have the necessary pre-requisites in place to ensure successful completion of the program.
  • Explore with Ryan to see if you might be available for various municipal, provincial and/or federal grants and/or subsidies.
  • Become a member of our nine10 Digital Marketing Bootcamp  and get ready to develop your professional skillset, get access to new tools and resources, and build your confidence.
  • Follow our 12-week training program and learn how to develop, execute and measure digital marketing for your business.
  • You will spend between 4 to 6hrs/week. The course will have a minimum of 48hrs of course delivery, however, you can engage as much as you need within the online learning community.
  • Graduate with knowledge and tools that will help you for years to come! Completion certificates will be provided only to those that have successfully completed the program.
  • If you think you’re a fit, let’s book a discovery call and prepare you to apply for the program.

Timelines for Application

Our program offers 12 weeks of online training with rolling start dates, meaning you can enter the program any time. If your business is applying for external funding or grant subsidies for the program, you will need to wait until your funding is approved to be granted access to the program. Each funding program has its own timeline for application/review/decision. We can discuss this on our discovery call and plan accordingly.

From initial inquiry about the program to the time when your granted access to the online learning environment, you can expect 2-3 weeks, plus any additional time that might be added if you’re applying for external funding/grant resources, as mentioned above.

Investment / Fee

There are various grant and funding opportunities available to cover some or all of the cost of this training. 

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Program Investment:

$6,500 Single Seat
*grant subsidies may apply

Add a 2nd seat for $1,500

Investment: Grande Prairie & District
Chamber of Commerce Members

$6,500 $4,750 Single Seat
grant subsidies may apply

Add a 2nd seat for $1,500

Training Subsidy

Your business may be eligible to apply for the Canada/Alberta Job Grant to subsidize a portion of the cost of professional skills development training for your employees. Eligible businesses and their participating employees can receive a grant that may subsidize up to two-thirds of the cost to a maximum of $10,000 per trainee per fiscal year.

If you’ll be applying to take advantage of the Canada-Alberta Job Grant training subsidy, email Ryan at so that provide you with the information you’ll need for the application.

If 2020 has taught businesses anything it’s the importance of maintaining brand relevance and accessibility via online platforms such as web, social media, and search. Businesses must have the in-house capability to manage their own brand, with in-house resources, to take advantage of these powerful online platforms with digital marketing strategies. 

A Few Businesses That Have Taken The Training

Digital Content Marketing Training Participants - Local Grande Prairie Businesses

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Credit Where Credit Is Due

Program developed under a partnership with the City of Grande Prairie, County of Grande Prairie No.1, Grande Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce, and Community Futures Grande Prairie. This program began as a collaboration under the COVID-19 Business Resiliency Taskforce.