Email Service Notice

All support for email accounts is now handled through Hi-Tech Business Systems

As of November 23, 2020, nine10 Inc. no longer offers email services or support – these functions have been moved to Hi-Tech Business Systems. You can direct all support inquiries regarding email to:

nine10 is partnering with Hi-Tech to provide email hosting services to our clients.

We’ve been thinking about this for a while, and now it’s time to say: We think you deserve the best when it comes to your company’s email services.

Our focus on branding, websites, and digital marketing doesn’t leave much room for supporting our clients from an IT standpoint, and company emails are best categorized as an IT item… but we are not an IT company.

The email landscape is also changing. Mailboxes need to be much larger to support big file attachments. Anti-spam and anti-virus technology needs to be much smarter. Email servers need to be on trusted platforms to get email delivered. The current system that nine10 is using is starting to show its age, and we think you deserve a more reliable and modern system.

This realization led us to search out a reputable partner who could take care of our clients’ emails, and we found that partner in Hi-Tech Business Solutions. This means there will be some good changes to your company’s emails. Here are the details.

First: Don’t Worry!

  • You will not lose your email account. It will stay working during and after this transition.

  • The price of your email accounts will not change while you are on the current webmail platform.
  • Your domain name (the part) will remain the same for your emails and your website. You won’t lose the name or have to change it.

  • Your website will continue to be hosted by nine10.

In the immediate time-frame (1 month)

  • Hi-Tech will take over management and support of the existing email accounts you have. This means you will call them instead of nine10 to get help with email moving forward, such as adding and removing accounts, changing passwords, troubleshooting connections, etc.
  • We will be sending you a form to set up billing with Hi-Tech for the email accounts. The fee you were paying nine10 for your email accounts will stop after this is set up. Hi-Tech has agreed to honour the current prices you are paying nine10 for your email accounts.

In the intermediate time-frame (2-6 months)

  • Hi-Tech will be reaching out to you to migrate your company to a modern platform like Microsoft 365. They will assist in the entire process, including reconfiguring your computers and phones in your office, to ensure a smooth transition.
  • A cut-off date will be announced towards the end of this transition period where all clients need to be updated to the new platform. You can of course choose to move your email to another provider if you decide not to move to the new platform with Hi-Tech. After this cut-off date, the existing webmail platform will be shut down.

Benefits of Working With Hi-Tech

  • Much higher level of support for your emails. They have trained technicians on staff versed in a wide variety of computer brands, email programs, phones, printers, etc. They can troubleshoot many things that nine10 can’t.

  • Technicians can come to your office to set up computers, phones, printers, etc.

  • You can get help with all of your I.T. problems, not just email. Printer making weird marks? Computer running slow? Not sure how to get rid of that annoying prompt? Hi-Tech can help with all of these issues and more:
    • Servers for small medium and large businesses
    • Large range of cloud services
    • Phone solutions both in-house and in the cloud (VOIP)
    • Point of Sale (POS) solutions
    • Photocopiers & printers

Benefits of Microsoft 365

  • 10X the storage for your mailboxes (50GB), compared to the 5GB your current webmail is limited to. Room to upgrade to more storage as well. No more having to archive or delete old emails to make room!
  • Modern, reliable email service by one of the top two business email providers in the world.
  • Excellent anti-spam and anti-virus technology to keep you safe and focused.
  • Packages can include office and collaboration tools, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, and more.

About Hi-Tech Business Systems

Hi-Tech Business Systems opened October 1, 1987 in Grande Prairie, AB and is now one of the leading I.T. service companies in the region. Serving Northern Alberta & BC, Hi-Tech’s focus on customer service, adaptability, and community has enabled them to grow to employ over 50 people in our region. Learn more about Hi-Tech at

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my email accounts stop working?

No. Your email accounts will continue to work, on the current system the are on, during and after this transition. 

Will I lose any emails?

No. The existing accounts and emails inside of them will remain the same during the transition.

Can I keep my current email address / domain name?

Yes. Your email addresses and your domain name (the part) will remain the same moving forward, even after you transition to the new platform with Hi-Tech. There is no need to change these.

Will the fee I pay for my emails change?

Not while on the current platform. Hi-Tech has agreed to honor the existing prices you are paying for your email accounts. When you move to the new Microsoft platform, the fee will change to the new prices then (which typically range from $8-20/email/month depending on which plan you choose.)

Who will bill me for my emails moving forward?

You will start paying Hi-Tech instead of nine10 for your email accounts. We will provide you a form to set up billing with Hi-Tech, and once that is setup, the fee from nine10 for your email accounts will stop. 

Who do I call when I need help with my emails?

You will contact Hi-Tech for help with your email accounts by contacting 780-538-4128 or This will include any email help you would have called nine10 for in the past, such as adding new accounts, removing old ones, setting up forwards, resetting passwords. You can also ask Hi-Tech to come to your office to set up/troubleshoot issues, like setting up an email account on a new computer, phone or printer.

Will nine10 still host my website?

Yes. nine10 will continue to host and support your website. This is a core part of our services and one we are most qualified to provide. You will continue to pay nine10 directly for your website hosting.

Will my website address change?

No. Your domain name (e.g. will remain linked to your website and email accounts like it always has. Your email and website can be hosted by different companies, and in fact, this is becoming the most common setup for most businesses to get the best service in both areas. 

Will there be a fee for support from Hi-Tech?

Yes. Hi-Tech has an hourly rate of $143/hr for tech support provided. They can provide a much higher level of support than nine10 was able to in the past, such as coming to your office to set up your phones/printers/computers. For this reason we are confident you will see a lot more value in what they can provide

Is there a cost to transition to the new Microsoft platform with Hi-Tech?

Yes. There is a setup fee of approx. ~$215 (for the average company) to move to the new platform with Hi-Tech. The fee will vary on the number of email accounts and how much data needs to be moved. Hi-Tech will provide you with a quote for the transition in advance. The fee quoted above is the average price for an entire small business to be moved to a new platform.

Am I required to work with Hi-Tech?

No. Your choice of I.T. provider is of course always yours. nine10 has chosen to partner with Hi-Tech because many of our clients already use them, they have a solid reputation in the community, and share many of the same philosophies as nine10. However, if you have a relationship with another provider, or do not wish to move to the Microsoft email platform, you may choose to move your email to any other provider you like. Both nine10 and Hi-Tech will cooperate with you and your new provider to ensure a smooth transition regardless of who you choose to work with.

Do I need to move to a new platform for my email?

Yes, eventually. In the long-term (approximately 6 months), the existing webmail system will be shut down, and all clients remaining with Hi-Tech will be transitioned to the new Microsoft platform. You may of course choose to work with a different provider if you wish to use a different platform, but the existing email system you are on now will eventually be shut down.

Can nine10 help me choose a different/new email platform?

No. nine10 will no longer be offering email hosting services and is not able to provide the level of support/consulting required to choose or set up a new email platform. This is why we have elected to partner with Hi-Tech, who is qualified to advise our clients on the best solutions for their I.T. needs.