Beauchamp Photography

The Assignment

Being photographers and designers, Chris & Laura had a very specific vision for their website. They wanted a site that:

  • Was minimal and clean;
  • Showcases their work front and centre;
  • Allows them to show more of their work than their previous site—while still making it easier to manage overall;
  • Gives them total control over what work is shown and how it is shown;
  • Has better tools to manage the tens of thousands of images contained on the site;
  • Is easy to use for clients;
  • Directs clients to inquire about their services;
  • Is user-friendly and well designed for the target audience.

Formerly nine10’s creative director, Chris knew that nine10 had the capabilities and skills to make this vision become a reality.

Highlights of Our Solution

The site looks deceptively simple, and hides a lot of technology under the hood.

Custom Portfolio Grid

We created a custom portfolio grid for their homepage and key landing pages on the site. This grid brings the work front-and-center with a dynamic layout that uses the entire screen. The grid has a lot of smart features to help Beauchamp Photography manage how images are displayed:

  • They can select custom images for the main grid, the blog post you visit when you click on a thumbnail, and separate images for mobile viewing. You’ll see the images change to horizontal format on mobile, single-column, where on desktop they are vertical and expand to fit the image like a Pinterest board.
  • To accommodate this, we provide a variety of image uploads and the grid the users see is smart – detecting the layout and situation and automatically getting the right images.
  • Further, we implemented lazy-loading, where the images load only when you scroll to see them – greatly reducing the time to load a page with this many images.
  • We also implemented adaptive sizing, which detects the size of the user’s screen, and loads images appropriately sized for the device. This way, the user is not stuck downloading images meant for a desktop on their phone.

The grid ties into the blog to combine a portfolio with a gallery and enable simple management of a complex and large library of images. It can also be switched to a variety of modes and layouts so it can be repurposed in various areas of the website.

Scratch-Built Template

Custom mobile menu for easy browsing

The template was built from scratch to our client’s exact specifications. Every color, font and pixel was carefully tweaked to meet their needs. The top menu system has a custom folding feature on mobile, to provide a tailored experience.

Making Images Load Faster

One challenge working on a photographer’s site is balancing image quality with load times. nine10 was able to develop a custom solution that intelligently scales images to the size needed for various devices before they load. We also implemented on-demand loading and caching solutions to increase site speed. This reduced the load time of their blog posts by an average of 75%, providing for a better user experience and SEO performance.

Efficiently Moving Data to the New Site

We migrated over 8GB of data from the original site to the new one, moving their existing portfolio over along with the associated images and post data. Because the new site was organized differently from the old one, and was designed for mobile, this was not a simple export/import operation. We wrote a custom script to translate and re-organize the data into new structure. This saved the client hundreds of hours of time by not having to manually re-load every post and image by hand.

The Outcome

Within days of launching, the website has generated increased interest for their services. Beauchamp Photography has received a number of leads as a direct result of launching the new website and showcasing their work in a unique, easy-to-use and stylish way.

Our lead gen form has been used four times in the last four days! It’s freaking awesome. The site is already converting waaaay more leads than we were getting before launch. The phone’s also been ringing. THANK YOU.
—Chris Beauchamp

Custom Work is an Investment

Custom website work like this is an investment. It is best suited for clients who have a very specific vision of what they want to achieve and have the budget to do it right. If you want to stand out from the crowd and build a powerful tool for your business, it’s an investment in your marketing. If you have a project that requires a high degree of customization, we should definitely be on your list to check out.