Bra Necessities

The Challenge

Bra Necessities is a family-run (mother-daughter) women’s underwear store located in Camrose, Alberta. The store has a strong local following thanks in part to their commitment to custom fittings and the unique needs of their customers. They approached nine10 looking to develop a new brand identity and launch an online store consistent with this new identity.

Our Solution

nine10 recognized that the brand needed to find balance between high-end fashion and affordable fashion for every woman from a genuine mom and pop boutique. They also needed to capture the sophistication of the physical store while leaving room for humour and personality.


In designing Bra Necessities logo nine10 wanted to ensure that it matched the physical store’s personality of being sophisticated but with character. Consideration also had to be given to ensure that there were no similarities to the Bare Necessities logo.  Differentiating Bra Necessities from this other intimate apparel brand to eliminate any possible brand confusion was extremely important. nine10 designed a logo with both a logomark and wordmark. The logomark was designed in the shape of a curvy silhouette. This flowed nicely into the wordmark which was designed with a curvy style typeface.

Visual Identity & Brand Compliance Guide

nine10 created a Visual Identity & Brand Compliance Guide to assist Bra Necessities in representing their brand professionally and consistently in all of their marketing, advertising, and client communications. The Brand Compliance Guide included all the necessary information on the core brand such as a logo standards,  image guidelines, typography and written style conventions. The Visual Identity portion of the Guide contained templates for everything from corporate communications such as email signatures and business cards to retail messaging including hang tags, posters, trade show banners and in-store TV screen displays.

Social Media Graphics

Bra Necessities already had a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest when they approached nine10. With their new brand identity it was essential that it be displayed prominently and consistently across all platforms. In addition to providing the guidelines for applying images and Bra Necessities’ logo across these channels, nine10 designed and provided the necessary social media graphics including cover photos, profile pictures and timeline graphic templates.

LightSpeed E-Commerce & WordPress Website

nine10 helped Bra Necessities develop and launch a new website and online store based on WordPress and LightSpeed Web Store. The LightSpeed POS system includes a web store component which integrates with the POS for inventory, credit card processing and order synchronization. WordPress was used for the main website, whose primary purposes is marketing & sharing information. This blend of software allows the most flexibility and efficiency for both promoting and managing both stores.