Prairie Mall


The Prairie Mall is the region’s largest indoor retail outlet, and the only major indoor mall serving Grande Prairie and area. Though extensive marketing work had been carried out, the Prairie Mall was in need of a consolidated and improved visual brand identity and tagline in preparation for a website redesign.


nine10 made developing a new sophisticated, clean and professional looking website its first goal and was designed to consistently apply Prairie Mall’s brand throughout and reflect the vision of the Morguard leadership team. The website would be mobile optimized and include social media integration, as well as quick and easy access to basic information (hours, maps, vendor list). It would also be developed with the functionality necessary to make it a viable platform for executing successful promotional activities.

As part of the overall rebranding of the Prairie Mall, nine10 would create a new tagline. A modular tagline was recommended as it would make it possible for Prairie Mall to highlight several facets of the mall experience under an overarching theme. In addition to the tagline, nine10 recommended an updated vendor directory consistent with their new brand and a brand identity guide so that Prairie Mall and its vendors could keep brand consistency.

Lastly, nine10 proposed a professional photography session for Prairie Mall in order to create a series of professional quality images that would serve Prairie Mall’s rebranding and ongoing marketing activities.


Premium Website

nine10 developed a mobile optimized premium website that would contain all the features/functionality necessary for a mall (hours, maps, vendors etc) as well as social media integration. Particular attention was paid to ensure a user-friendly design with easy navigation and well-organized content. nine10 also included a gallery to showcase mall events and lease options as well as a blog to entice more traffic to the site. Recognizing staff turn over as deterrent in maintaining long-term vendor relationships, nine10 included a careers page for vendors so that job seekers could find available job listings for all mall vendors under in one place. To further assist vendors, as well as out-of-town shoppers seeking a specific store, nine10 built an easily-updatable vendor directory and map for the website that included vendor’s descriptions, website and social media links, logos and pictures where possible. Once the online directory was complete, nine10 adapted it to print format for placement within the mall, thus keeping the look and feel of the online and on-location directory consistent.  

Professional Photography Session

In order to ensure Prairie Mall’s messaging and branding stayed consistent for their ongoing marketing over the next 12 months, nine10 set up a professional photography session at the Mall with Beauchamp Photography. The plan was to execute as many varieties of useful imagery as possible under two broad categories: places and people. The “places” consisted of photos of the Mall’s exterior as well as the interior including the food court, customer lounge, main hallways and other interior shots of interest. For the “people” nine10 arranged models to be featured and extras to provide background. The shots included everyday activities that people would carry out in the mall including a family having fun at the mall, someone enjoying the WiFi lounge, and people at the food court. The results were professional photos of the Mall that were able to be included as part of the imagery on the new website as well as marketing materials.

Brand Identity Guide

nine10 created a Brand Identity Guide in order to keep the Mall’s image professional and consistent across mediums. For ease of use and access this was created in an online Wiki format. This guide included all the necessary information on the Mall’s core brand such as a logo formats and guidelines, typography and messaging. Templates were also provided for everything from print ads and gift cards to outdoor billboards and chloroplast signs. The Wiki was also designed to contain a photo gallery to house all of the photos obtained through the professional photography session; this would allow quick access to the photos for future marketing campaigns/projects.


Although Prairie Mall already had two existing taglines (“Giving You More” and “We Love Change”), they hadn’t done much marketing around them and the two taglines made their brand messaging fragmented. Rather than have separate taglines to convey different messages, nine10 created a modular tagline that would allow the flexibility to change the message while keeping the same theme. In selecting the tagline, nine10 drew on the Mall’s brand goals of Experiential, Diversity/Selection and Community/Family/History for inspiration. The result was the tagline “Something for Everybody”, which could be used to highlight the diversity of experience, merchandise and audience.

Working with nine10 on our new brand & website was fantastic. Their professionalism, collaborative work process, and attention to detail resulted in a brand and website that was light years ahead of where we were previously, and faithfully represents who we are to vendors, shoppers and the general public. I would recommend nine10 to any business looking to seriously improve their image, both online and offline.

~Kristin Harding, Marketing Director for Prairie Mall (Morguard Investments Inc.)