Janina’s Diamonds & Time

The Challenge

Janina’s Diamonds & Time, a jewellery story in Grande Prairie, has been a staple of our community for over 30 years. When Janina’s approached nine10, they had an E-Commerce website and had just opened their new location in Westgate Grande Prairie. They were in the process of re-evaluating their branding and marketing goals. A big part of this change included getting out of E-Commerce and re-focusing their efforts on driving traffic to the store and providing personal, one-on-one service to every customer who walks through their door.

Our Solution

One of the primary goals of the website was to build awareness and drive traffic to the retail location. Thus, the website needed to do three key things to be successful:

  1. Show up as high as possible in search
  2. Give customers a glimpse of what Janina’s can offer
  3. Entice customers to visit the store

Great Websites Start with Great Content

One of the most important elements of a great website is great content: that means the writing, photography, and videos. If you get this wrong, it doesn’t matter how cool your menu looks, the website will fall flat. So we knew right off the bat we needed professionals to help us get the most out of this site. Fortunately, Janina’s had already been working with Beauchamp Photography and had fantastic photos ready to go. We then referred Janina’s to a copywriter to get professionally written content throughout the site. This not only saved the client time and energy, but made the site more useful to humans and Google.

Built with SEO From the Start

A key topic of conversation from the start of the project was how we can make the website perform better in search. We started by performing an audit of the existing (old) website to see how it performed under a variety of keyword phrases. We then identified where it was doing well and where it needed improvement. This gave us a roadmap for the new design and helped us identify key features and content the new site will need to be more competitive in search. This helped us determine some key pages and areas lacking in the old site which were hurting our rankings. We made sure to focus resources on these areas in the new build.

Designed to Communicate the Experience

In the design and imagery our main goal was to give customers a glimpse of the Janina’s Experience. We heavily leveraged the photography assets throughout the site. From the backgrounds surrounding the pages, to the front banner, all the way to galleries throughout the site, our goal was to give customers a good feeling for the environment, the type of service, and the people they’ll encounter at the store. Because the photos have real people who work there in them, walking it you may even see a friendly face you recognize. This is not an accident!

The Results

The website has been a success for all parties involved. In particular, our SEO strategy paid off. Where Janina’s was showing up on the middle, bottom or not even on the first page in some search terms, they are now in the #1 position for nearly all of their key terms. Since the launch of the website, we have optimized new and other areas to achieve the same results. The increase in search position has driven a lot of traffic to the site and is helping establish Janina’s as a leader in their industry. nine10 continues to work with Janina’s on ongoing maintenance and support for their site.