Keddies Tack & Western Wear is one of the finest Western-themed retailers in Canada. Serving the Grande Prairie area for over 40 years, Keddie’s has grown from a feed, farm supply and tack business to include all things western from cowboy boots and shirts to western art and decor.  While Keddie’s had undergone tremendous growth and expansion of products, their online presence had not. Keddie’s required a significant upgrade to their website in terms of design, feature/functionality and its ability to integrate with mobile and social media technologies. Additionally, Keddie’s had e-commerce on their radar and required a website that would integrate well with e-commerce in the future.

Keddie’s also recognized the tremendous opportunity presented by social media. They had a solid start in terms of their current Facebook page and its 1,300+ fans but required a marketing strategy and wanted to explore custom tabs, social media promos/contests and social e-commerce.


  • Basic web platform – website redesign, Facebook customization, mobile optimization of website
  • Introduce basic e-commerce features to test feasibility
  • Develop an inbound marketing strategy
  • Train Keddie’s team members on social media best practices and marketing strategies
  • Ramp-up marketing efforts with focus on integration of multiple mediums to bring top of mind awareness to the new online presence
  • Ongoing campaign development and design support to promote sales, special events, and new initiatives

Resulting Strategy

Responsive Design Website

The website was developed using responsive design, where the content/page layout automatically adjusts based on the size of the user’s screen. In addition to being mobile optimized, responsive design websites are also Facebook and mobile app ready, allowing the website to easily be linked into a Facebook page custom tab or mobile app. This provides customers with seamless and easy access to all of a website’s features without leaving Facebook or mobile app environment.

Social Media Promotions & Branded Content

Social media strategy was developed to leverage Keddie’s Facebook fans as brand ambassadors by compelling them to create ‘shared content’ about Keddie’s. This goal was achieved with a content strategy and Keddie’s branded content using Social Media best practices, supplemented by regular/monthly social media promotions. Promotions were developed to include the following objectives: fan acquisition, increase website traffic, capture leads,  increase engagement/reach through shares and drive foot-traffic to Keddie’s physical store. Simple timeline promotions as well as promotions using 3rd party software were utilized. A customized Facebook tab was created directing users to Keddie’s online store. Keddie’s staff received social media training to assist them in posting their own in-store content and content during buying/trade shows and events. Since working with nine10, Facebook page likes have more than tripled, meaning Keddie’s now enjoys a much greater potential reach for existing and new customers.

E-commerce/Shopify Engine

Aside from basic information such as store hours, location, and history, the online store is the most important and powerful part of the website. Building the website on a Shopify engine provided Keddie’s with a website that housed a simple–yet powerful–online store with the capacity to test e-commerce in a way that is user-friendly and easily scales.

Mobile App

A mobile app was developed meet the goal of integrating multiple mediums into Keddie’s marketing efforts and bring top-of-mind awareness to their new online presence. The app, which was made available for both iPhone and Android platforms, was built to include novel features such as digital punch cards, information on special promos or incentives, a “Show Us Your Keddie’s” photo submission, and the ability to send notifications on current sales to users. In addition to these features, the mobile app also included the capability to house the entire mobile-friendly website inside the app, thus further making the online store available to customers from the convenience of their pocket.

Strategy & Design

Strategies and ongoing design support are provided in tandem with the Keddie’s team. Using all of the newly created online marketing channels, promotions for contests, sales, special events, and Keddie’s culture are promoted beautifully and effectively.