Virtus Services Ltd.

The Challenge

Virtus Services Ltd. is an oilfield services company specializing in hydrovacs, steam trucks, combo trucks and vacuum truck services in Grande Prairie. When nine10 and Virtus first partnered, Virtus had been operating for about 18 months. The company had a logo and business cards, as well as branded decals on trucks, but active marketing had been very limited.

Our Solutions

Although they had established themselves via personal networking into the competitive local marketplace, Virtus were in need of a consistent brand identity as well as a website to form the cornerstone of their marketing strategy.

nine10 began the project by consolidating Virtus’ brand into a proper small business visual identity guide, with rules and templates to govern Virtus’ visual identity across logo usage, business cards, stationery, and various promo pieces. The logo file their original designer had given to them was not set up in proper vector format, so nine10 re-created the file and generated a full set of log files for use in various mediums.

With this important foundation work in place, nine10 paired Virtus with professional content writer Erika Sherk to develop web and print content and better tell Virtus’ story. From here, nine10 designed and developed Virtus’ website and adapted that story into a company profile brochure.

The Outcome

Virtus continues to grow their business and is poised to add additional equipment to its fleet as its client list expands.