Grande Prairie Branding Agency

Translate Your Vision into a Brand That Inspires & Drives Business

From a logo design to a full corporate branding, we can help you develop a meaningful & lasting image for your company. Located in Grande Prairie, we’re proud to serve clients in the Peace Region and abroad.

Small Business Branding

Ideal for small businesses who want consistency and professionalism in their marketing materials. We’ll custom tailor the package to include a redesign of anything you need, whether that includes your logo, business cards, a sales kit, social media profile, or anything else. We can then wrap all of this in a simpler version of our Corporate Identity guide that’s tailored for small business needs. You also get a copy of the template files to ensure you have everything you need.

Corporate Branding

This service is designed for larger organizations who need a comprehensive branding solution. We’ll redesign everything and document it in a detailed Corporate Identity Guide. All files and digital templates are delivered along with printed copies of the identity guide. We can also create a digital brand guide in the form of an online Wiki to improve collaboration and streamline brand management.

Brand Consolidation

If you have a brand identity that’s in a state of chaos, we can help. We’ll gather, audit, fix and document your existing brand materials to create a consistent image with a clear set of usage guidelines. We can stay very true to the original brand image, or if you like, we can re-invent and improve elements of it along the way. You’ll be provided with a full set of digital assets and templates, along with the training and policies you need to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Branding Case Studies in our Portfolio

We’ve branded numerous organizations in Grande Prairie, the Peace Region, and beyond. Below are a few featured case studies for recent brandings we can completed.