Grande Prairie SEO Services

On-Site Search Engine Optimization Services

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service is designed to increase your visibility in search results by improving the quality and usefulness of your website. Promote your website, drive search traffic, and create opportunities for new business with nine10!

Full-Service Plans

Our SEO plans include any design, programming and content writing that nine10 determines is required to do the job. If a blog article needs to be written, page added, or graphic designed, we take care of it.

Performance-Based Billing

There are no guarantees in SEO. Not even Google themselves can predict exactly where a website will land. That’s why all of our SEO contracts are performance-based. A performance-based plan means we only bill when we achieve results. This aligns our interests and ties the results to the fee paid. If we don’t achieve the results, you don’t pay. It’s that simple!

Industry Exclusivity

As an ethical principle, we don’t work against our own customers. When you engage us for SEO, we won’t provide SEO services to another competitor in your industry. This remains in place as long as we’re actively engaged in an SEO contract.

Create Opportunities for Business

It is estimated that 90% of search clicks come from the first page of search results, and of those results, 60% come from the websites in the Top 3 natural search positions. If you’re not on the first page, you’re basically not in business. We can help you climb the ranks and create more opportunities for sales.

Build Brand Awareness

The more times you show on the first page of search, and the more keywords you show up for, the more customers will see your brand. We track a visibility score which ranks how visible you are in search overall and gives you an indication of how much mindshare your website is creating.

Fix Serious Technical Issues

Some technical issues may prevent your website from showing up at all. We can help you troubleshoot these issues and ensure your website is listed and ready to climb.

Ethical (White-Hat) Techniques Only

We only practice ethical SEO methods. The last thing you need is for your website to be banned from search or penalized for shady tactics. You won’t find any blog spamming or shady site networks here. Just honest-to-goodness site improvements, content and promotion. The truth is this takes more time and effort in some cases. But at least you won’t need to worry about your website losing its place overnight because of a crackdown on shady tactics.

No Outsourcing

We don’t outsource your SEO contract to another company. Everything is built & managed here in Grande Prairie by an experienced online marketing consultant who you can meet face-to-face. However, we may hire writers to help develop professional content for your website where needed.