Build Social Following

Social Media gives your business the ability to create a two-way marketing channel where you can engage your audience. Once you gain a fan/follower, you have the ability to reach them on an ongoing basis in their newsfeed, on their turf. Starting with a fanbase of zero? No problem, nine10 develops strategies to acquire target fans and, more importantly, keep them.

Viral Marketing

Once you’ve built a social following you’ll have an army of fans that, if actively engaged, will allow you to get your content and/or messages spread far and wide. The power of social media isn’t just about the connections you build; it’s the connections that your connections have. nine10 knows how to turn on your viral marketing channel to get your message spread even further.


Although you should treat all your customers with the absolute highest standards, the truth is that not all of your customers are created equal when it comes to having them as fans or followers. Engaging a customer that has 10 social connections, although still important, is not as powerful as engaging a customer with 100 social connections. nine10 helps you to identify and leverage your social influencers.

Contests & Promotions

A great way to acquire new fans is to run contests and promotions. nine10 builds contests and promotions that follow best practices and adhere to the strict rules set out by each social network.

Go Old-School

Social Media is certainly considered to be one of the most powerful forms of digital new media. That said, sometimes the best way to let your audience know that you’re on social media is to leverage traditional media like radio, print, direct mail, billboards, etc. Integrating new and traditional media is very powerful, especially when you use nine10 to develop strategy and execute the campaign.