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Social Media Training, Setup & Consulting

Increase Your Social Following!

Social Media isn’t Facebook, it isn’t Twitter…these are just services! Social Media is a fundamental shift in the way that people connect, communicate and share content. Simply put, Social Media is about building & enhancing relationships through the discovery and sharing of digital content and it just happens to be powered by technology. In 6 words: Relationships. Enhanced. Sharing. Discovery. Content. Technology.

Social Media Setup

You have many options to create a social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and many other services may be on your radar. Which ones are going to give you the most impact? We help you select the ones that are best suited to your business based on your objectives and target audience.

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Custom Facebook Pages

Facebook pages are more than just a profile picture and a newsfeed. Create an interactive and engaging hub for your audience—a mini website within Facebook. Whether it’s eCommerce, contests, promotions or a listing of business services; we’ll get your Facebook page working for you.

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Strategy & Training

If the only reason you set up a Facebook or Twitter page is because your competition did, you’ll likely hit a wall wondering where to go next. Building an effective social media presence for your business means having a solid strategy that follows best practices. We’ll help you build you a game plan that achieves your goals.

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Facebook Advertising

Many consider Facebook to be the ‘free’ marketing channel. Don’t be fooled, Facebook, as with anything else, requires investment to be successful. Facebook ads are a powerful and targeted way to boost awareness and drive traffic to your promotions.

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