Custom Facebook Pages

Your Business’ Home on Facebook

Facebook pages are more than just a profile picture and a newsfeed. Create an interactive and engaging hub for your audience—a mini website within Facebook. Whether it’s E-Commerce, contests, promotions or a listing of business services; we’ll get your Facebook page working for you.

Contests & Promotions

One of the most powerful ways to acquire and engage fans is to offer interactive contests & promos. We create dynamic promotions that adhere to the Facebook terms of service. Contests acquire fans, collect leads, and turn people into ambassadors for your business.

Social E-Commerce

With Facebook you can reach hundreds of thousands of users, but not all of them will be within a close shopping distance. Adding e-commerce to your page is a great way to extend your store to the most popular social network in the world.

About Pages

Sometimes you need to describe your product or services in a dedicated section. With Facebook pages you can create custom sections that could be considered mini-websites. When a user sees something they Like, they are just one click away from sharing with their friends!

Website Integration

nine10 builds websites that can be ‘dropped in’ to your Facebook page, making your entire website available on Facebook. A change to your website will automatically be mirrored on Facebook…no need to update your content in multiple places. Check out our Facebook page where we’ve done exactly that. Now that’s powerful!

Entertainment & Media

Make your Facebook page more entertaining and engaging by adding custom sections with Youtube videos, Twitter streams, blogs, photo galleries or panoramic tours. An entertaining Facebook page is more likely to be re-visited time and time again. Not to mention, when people find great entertainment they tell their friends!

Digital Coupons & Offers

Facebook is great place to offer your loyal customers special offers and discounts. Create sections with digital coupons or special offers that require your fans to ‘share with friends’ in order to claim the offer.