Facebook Advertising

A Targeted and Powerful Way To Advertise

Many consider Facebook to be the ‘free’ marketing channel. Don’t be fooled, Facebook, as with anything else, requires investment to be successful. Facebook ads are a powerful and targeted way to boost awareness and drive traffic to your promotions.

Cost Per Click

Advertising on Facebook allows you to highly target your ads based on gender, age, geographic, interests, etc. We can help you determine your target market and create cost-effective ads that successfully reach them.


We help you activate your promotions and/or drive awareness using Facebook advertising. This is a great way to drive traffic to any destination on the Internet, including your website or Facebook page.

Ongoing or Campaign

Create effective ads based on short-lived promotions or ongoing campaigns. We ensure that your ads are optimized to reach your target audience as cost effectively as possible and measure the effectiveness of them so that we can improve them as they run.