Social Media Strategy & Training

Get The Most Out of Social Media

If the only reason you set up a Facebook or Twitter page is because your competition did, you’ll likely hit a wall wondering where to go next. Building an effective social media presence for your business means having a solid strategy that follows best practices. We’ll help you build you a game plan that achieves your goals, whatever they may be—acquiring fans, generating leads, or boosting sales.

Content Strategy

A Facebook page is only as good as the content posted to it. We help you create a content strategy that will best showcase your business offering and keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Engagement Strategy

Compel your fans to interact with your content. When you have a carefully-planned engagement strategy, it’s more likely to be spread by your fans to their friends. Sharing is caring and you’ll turn fans into brand ambassadors with a solid engagement strategy by nine10.

Power of Friends

The real power of social media is more than reaching a few hundred fans or followers; it’s about passively reaching thousands of your fans or followers friends through the simple act of sharing.

Best Practices

Social media can be complicated. What does it mean to @mention someone? Are you using #hashtags properly? Did you remember to ‘tag’ the company you’re running a cross-promotion with? Properly understanding how each social media service operates is essential for social media success.